“I have absolute confidence that my dogs are well looked after
and having a brilliant time when in the care of Julie.
Her veterinary experience is an added bonus!”

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Pricing & Services

Dog Walking Services Harrogate

We offer a wide range of dog walking services in Harrogate and our services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Below we have listed our standard dog walking services and the associated pricing. If you have special requirements, or need a more tailored service then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We understand that there sometimes isn’t a “one-size fits all” when it comes to caring for your pets, which is why our dog walking and pet caring services can be tailored to cater for dogs that are better suited to solo walks, shorter strolls, some simple companionship or toilet relief. Fifteen years veterinary experience stands us in good-stead to cater for all of your pets needs, however specialist they may be.

Pricing Packages

PLEASE NOTE: 1-hour time allocation does not include travel time, pick up or drop off. Your dog, or dogs, will be exercised in line with their requirements for at least 1 full hour on each visit.

Monday - Friday

  • Single Dog
  • One, 1 Hour Walk
  • Extra Dogs from the same house: £7.00 per dog

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays

  • Single Dog
  • One, 1 Hour Walk
  • Extra Dogs from the same house: £10.00

Loyalty Deals

  • Single Dog
  • Five, 1 Hour Walks
  • Extra Dogs from the same house: £30.00 per dog

Special Requests:

Companionship, toilet relief, feeding and puppy visits can all be arranged by special request. Please contact us to discuss requirements

Contact Us on: 07426 835 562 for more information regarding our dog walking and per services in Harrogate and the surrounding areas.